About Us!

Our Motto:
“Choose Joy In Your Life & In Your Desserts!”

Dedicated to creating a deliciously sweet treat for your special occasion.  Providing you with the best product and service to make your event or special day memorable.  It should be an expression of you, that is why each order is customized to reflect your personality.   Call or e-mail to place your order.

Hey guys, Amber here;  I wanted to tell you the story behind the Joy of Cake Bakers.  It all started with girls night, as all good things do! You know how girls are, we were sitting around talking about all the exciting things we could do with our lives. All of us had different “business” ideas that would create an opportunity of quitting our J-O-B-S and work for ourselves.  That was in August 2010, while I am not yet at the point of quitting my job, I am working hard and enjoying this adventure. I really enjoy baking and love the joy people get from the special treats created just for them.

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  1. After viewing some of your work, I have to say I’m impressed. It’s obvious there is a lot of Love involved, and with Love…you can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to try some of your treats the next time I am in Mo. I wish you success.

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